Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baking Soda and Elbow Grease (Day 4)

Drew says he feels like I'm in Master's Club (our church's Wednesday night kid program) and that he should be giving me badges for all the challenges I complete. Blogging about it is enough motivation for me though. Funny how I couldn't get around to cleaning the peach cobbler remains out of my oven until this challenge and blog came into my life. It really is encouraging to know that Sarah Mae followers across the country are cleaning out their ovens and microwaves with me. I feel like I'll some how be letting them down if I don't get my challenge of the day done. I'm lovin' it (I know you just thought of a cheeseburger and bad coffee. But I really am lovin' it). 

So, as alluded to earlier, a few months ago I decided to try making Drew's favorite dessert for the first time (there have been lots of firsts this past year as I had done about 0 cooking pre-marriage). Peach cobbler. Yummy! I was to put all the mixed ingredients into a 3 quart baking dish to bake. 3 quarts, 3 shuarts right? no. After finding half of my peach cobbler dripping down my oven racks onto the oven floor I found out the hard way that 3 quarts means 3 QUARTS. 

I had never cleaned an oven before today which is why I kept putting it off and dealing with a smoky kitchen any time we needed garlic bread or brownies. But guess what Martha challenge #4 was! Oven cleaning day! It sure wasn't the easiest challenge so far, but so overdue! 

Cobbler remains:


I ended up soaking the racks in the bath tub but wouldn't dare take my husbands baby near a bath tub full of water for some pics! 

I used a homemade paste suggested by @RachelMayTweets.

Great homemade oven cleaning paste:

3/4 cups baking soda
1/4 cup salt
1/2 cup water

It worked REALLY well. And I wasn't weirded out by using chemicals in my oven. 

Oven after:

Nice and clean! It's not perfect, but SO much better! I also wiped out the inside of our microwave and used lemon water steam to help me out with some of the stubborn stuff. 

I cheated a little bit on the Mary challenge today. I had my mommy and sister over :) Taking the easy route. I know. But it's hard to have people over in a little apartment! There isn't much room to sit or mill around. I know I should do it anyway, it just makes me so self conscious! I want to work on my hospitality when we move into a house - can't wait

I made my Mom a bow tie sun-dried tomato and basil pasta and tried out a new appetizer that was delicious! 

This was a Pintrest find that was originally pinned from Sarah @ Clover Lane and it's so SO easy! Check it out on her blog for directions.

It's a feta dip with tomato, green onion, olive oil and greek seasoning. She's a huge fetafan (it's fun to say it like it's one word) and loved it! Hooray! She would not allow any pictures to be taken of herself so just imagine a lovely, smiling, CHATTING mom and that's pretty much her. 

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  1. That pasta looks delish! (and I hate cleaning ovens! I've been married for eight years and have only cleaned an oven once *blush*).

  2. I have really put off cleaning my oven lately too! In fact, that is what I linked up with for the Friday linkup! That pasta dish looks delicious!! Anything with sundried tomatoes is good in my book!!


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