Friday, September 2, 2011

Date Night

My husband, Andrew, is a filmmaker and is in the process of editing together his first feature length film (which I'll blog more about in posts to come). I think it's going to be amazing. I've seen the first half hour of it about 100 times and haven't gotten tired of it yet! So, every night after he's finished his regular videos for the day he throws back a couple of  low carb blue monsters and edits til about midnight when he finally lets his brain rest... once he can get it to slow down. Tonight, however, he took me out on a date and didn't touch the movie... well BARELY touched the movie and took me out to buy some new perfume and go to a movie.

I'm almost out of the last perfume he got me and decided to try a new one- Play. It's really yummy. Perfume is one of my obsessions. Perfume, scarves, Sharpies... I could never have enough. And I love when you get a new one and can actually smell it! Til about a month later when your nose says "no more. I'll let everyone else smell it, but not you!" 

The movie we saw was The Help - AMAZING.

I think I cried like 20 times. The actors were so so good. I was so attached to all the characters by the end of the movie. It's one of those movies that make you want to be a better person. You know what I mean? Those ones where you walk out of the theater and just want to go hug the popcorn dude? I wouldn't say it's a "warm fuzzy" necessarily, but definitely an emotional movie. 
It's a movie about Courage. That's what I took away from it anyway. It's just a reminder that things don't just change by chance. Things don't just work out. It takes people with courage. People who think outside the box and believe what they believe... because they believe it, not because it's what everyone else believes. Our country wouldn't be the way it is now without people like that.  I'd love to say that back in the day I would have been one to stand for people no matter their race, but I really don't think it would have been as easy as it seems looking back at it now. I'd like to have the courage to be more out spoken about Christ. I think so much of what people think of me and that they probably won't like me as soon as I get "religious" on them. But if Christians don't have courage to change the world then others will, and then who knows what the world will turn into. 

Alright, I'm off the soap box. 

My mom says the book is even better. I think I'll read it. Or be really into it for a couple chapters and then leave it with a dog eared page and intentions of finishing it some day, which is what usually happens.

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  1. Been really wanting to see this movie, no I'll know not to wear lots of non water proof make up to see it :)


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