Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey There!

So I really just started this blog so that I could keep record of the HOMEMAKER'S CHALLENGE that I am taking part in this month. I always thought having a blog was kinda silly. Like everyone is so interested in my life and what I have to say that they'd want to read ALL about it... RIIIGHT. No. I'm not kidding myself. So,even if it's just for me and maybe my sister/best friend/coolest girl ever who will surely make fun of me for having a blog, it'll be fun to post pics and thoughts and pretend that my life is cool enough to blog about ;)

In other news, today is Day 1 of the challenge!!!!

 I'm so excited to try this out! Being new to marriage/homemaking, I love tips and advice on cooking, cleaning, wifing and Christian womanhood in general. I will post to give you (Karin and myself ;) updates on each week's challenge and try to post some before and after pics!
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