Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Go Go Gadget Arms! (Day 3)

Said that to myself about 100 times while completing the day 3 challenge: top of the fridge and kitchen cabinets. I have a little black stool that helps me out when I need a few extra inches... which is MOST of the time. I'm 5'1 (I round up;) and the linen shelf, top cabinets, Drew's shirt shelf and our game shelf are all ...well... taller than 5'1 + an arm. So, little black stool is my little buddy that I take with me pretty much everywhere. 

But this challenge definitely required a little extra:

This is what I have to do any time I need sugar, flour or rice as they reside on top of the cabinet above the fridge. 

So, today's challenge kept me on my toes ;) for sure (har har) and adding a vacuum into the mix was downright death defying! 

But I got the job done and am alive to post pictures of it. 

Here are my canister lids before:

And here they are after:

...There's actually stuff in there! ;)

I also dusted off my HAPPY little kitchen decor and vase using my Martha Stewart vase cleaner outer. (I think of these challenges as Martha Stewart/Martha from the Bible challenges ;) 

Top of the fridge, cabinet doors and top of the cabinets have all been wiped down. Hooray! Day #3 - check!

O, also I got a little smelly guy for the bathroom like I said I would

It works really well! - Air Wick.

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  1. You could move your canisters to the top of the fridge. That would be cute too and easier to reach :)

  2. But then where would my cutting boards go? Tell me THAT, Bus Driving Mama! ;) Just kidding. That's a good idea :)


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