Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kitchen Recap

Ok, so I'm quickly realizing that my goal of blogging an update for each day of the challenge may have been a bit ambitious and is somewhat counteracting my ramped up homemaking efforts. So, I'm thinkin' maybe weekly updates. 

My kitchen is looking fabulous! I mean in all honesty it doesn't look all that different, but just knowing that behind all those cabinet doors and inside that oven and above that refrigerator it's clean and organized makes the whole kitchen seem more sparkly. 

Organizing cabinet space is always a tricky one for me since I have so little of it. I was a little jealous of those of you who had pantries to clean and organize on day 7 ;) I have very few cabinets in which to house all of my kitcheny things and non-refrigerated food and it  can get challenging. I just have to tell myself that even if it doesn't look organized, there is a place for everything and everything is crammed into it's obscure little place. 


Can she do it?


Took a few tries but I got it! 

As far as Mary Challenges go, I've been learning so much! I'll probably go back over all the Mary Challenges once I'm done. It's a lot to process. I'm loving the 6 list! Been using it every day since day 6 and it has been really helpful! Listing out exactly what my main goals are for each day helps me see and plan exactly where my priorities are. I've found lately that planning makes things happen. Deep huh? So, using the 6 list has helped me plan out how much time, money and mind power I put into the things that I want to make a priority. They don't just become priorities because I say they are. It takes some thought. Probably common sense to you guys, but this has been a major light bulb for me, people! 

If I see that I have 3 things on the list that have to do with my #5 priority and nothing that has to do with my #1 priority I rethink what I'm going to do that day in order to keep my priorities straight. It's been O so helpful! If you are already using the 6 list I would suggest trying it. Next to each item on my 6 list I write the number of whichever priority goes with that item. I'm a visual person, so seeing it that way makes it easy for me to keep my #1 #1!

The day 8 Mary Challenge made me so thankful for the good life God has given me. When assigned to think of a hard time in my life I really had to sit and think for a while. I have it so good. Of course I thought of a few things, but it really made me thankful for the uncomplicated life that I lead. I don't deserve the great life that I've been given but HEY I'll take it!

So excited to see what next week's challenges have in store.

To the living room!

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  1. It is strange how a room can look the same, but just knowing it's organized and clean behind all the cupboards creates a great feeling. :-) Which reminds kitchen needs a good deep cleaning....

  2. It's true! :) Thanks for the comment!


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