Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Five (Day 5)

I've thought up a list of my top 5 priorities and think they're probably about the same as most like-minded women - God, husband, home etc. That's the right answer right? And these are the things I think of as being my top priorities... but if the assignment were to

list the 5 things that I spend the most time on
list the 5 things that I spend the most money on
5 things that I think about the most

and if I were answering honestly, my answers would have been quite a bit different. Which tells me that those things aren't really my priorities, they're just what I want my priorities to be... if that makes sense. So, below I've listed the top 5 things in my life that I want to spend the most time, money and thoughts on and my plan of action for making that happen.


Obvious right? Obvious, but not easy. If I don't have a plan of action in this area it seems it's the first thing to get pushed aside. When I don't get my Bible reading done in the morning (that's my normal routine) it's not gonna get done. No matter how hard I try to make time for it in the evening I always wind up getting distracted and putting it off. I recently read a great post on this subject and priorities in general on A Holy Experience - take a look. It's easy to make the material things priority over spending time with the Lord because that pile of laundry is right there staring you in the face saying "bad wife", "better get me washed now while you have time", "the Lord will be there to spend time with later" and it's true... God is always going to be there for me to spend time with, but if He is truly my #1 priority then he comes before everything else. Even if the something else is something around the house that needs to get done or even a Sunday School lesson that needs work. It's the Martha thing - "I'll sit at Jesus' feet as soon as I do all this stuff he wants me to get done". When really He just wants to talk to us for a while and have our full attention. 

So my plan:

Make an "appointment" with God. I'm not just going to read my Bible when I find time. I'll make my daily appointment with God be 7:30am and If I know I'm going to be busy at that time, the day before I'll make my appointment be at a different specific time. That way I have a plan! I'll know at 7:30 the Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings will be waiting for me at the kitchen table (where I read). What an amazing thing - that the Savior of the world would spend time with me every morning.


Andrew is my #2 priority. It's easy to put Drew first in my life since he pretty much is my life. We work together, we hang out together, we do ministry together, we make big plans and dreams together. He really is my best friend and since there are no kids in the picture yet I can really focus on making him a priority. The only thing that sometimes gets in the way is me. Because I'm the only person in the world that I love more than I love Drew. Sounds terrible, but isn't it true? It's so so hard to put someone else's needs before your own day in and day out. I get in little ruts where I start thinking selfishly and it makes life miserable! So,

My Plan:

1) I'm going to be intentional about speaking his love language (words of affirmation) and do/say something every day that is encouraging/ego-stroking ;)/lets him know he's my hero. Since I know his love language I should be more conscious of how I show him love and make sure it's in a way that he'll appreciate most, even if it's not the way I prefer to show love.
2) Make meals that he likes. I like to eat healthy. So It's hard for me to cook for a chili dog, taco lover. But it means a lot to him when I make him his favorite food. So, I'm going to go over the week's meal plan with him before I buy all the food and make sure that it's all stuff that he likes and will eat. 

Home/Second Mile
My #3 and #4 priorities are flip-flopable. Second Mile Films is the business that my husband and I own. We work from home for now, but will hopefully be in a dedicated facility within the next couple of years. It is very important to Drew that I make Second Mile a priority especially with my time. It's also very important to him that I keep the house looking nice. Being at home all morning makes it easy to keep up with both. It seems to change from day to day whether my #2 would prefer me working on the house or on our business so

My Plan

is pretty simple- Ask. I'll just ask at the beginning of every work day what the priority should be for that day and that will be my #3 for that day. 

Tumble Time

Tumble Time is where I teach gymnastics in the evening. I love it! I think it's important to make it a priority because it's the only place that I'm around lost people on a consistent basis. They all know that I'm a Christian and that I act different than they do, so I feel an extra responsibility to do my job well and represent Christ by working hard, being on time etc. 

My Plan:
I've got a lot to do at Tumble Time as a manager and often don't give myself enough time to get it done. So, every day that I am able I'm going to go in an hour before my classes start to get on top of some of the "desk work" that I need to get done. 

Any suggestions on a good plan of action for any of these? How do you keep your priorities straight?

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  1. Love the idea of making an appointment with God, that would help me alot too, thanks for the idea! I'm going to try that too


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