Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apartment in Autumn

Fall is my favorite season :) Here in Idaho we get about two weeks of fall before it gets freezing (which for me means like 45* or under) and those couple of weeks have come and gone :( Already bustin' out the peacoats for church. Fall, to me, means chilly enough for a light jacket, still nice and sunny out, and comfortable enough to go out for a walk and crunch some uncrunched leaves. 

These pictures are a little overdue but Thanksgiving is still 9 days away so here are some pics of my fall decor. Helps me get into the Thanksgiving spirit when Walmart has already moved on to snowmen and reindeer.

"Give Thanks" garland how to:

Print out the font and size that you'd like your letters to be. Tape to a card stock rectangle or triangle.

Cut out the letter with an X-acto knife ... or your husband's box cutter ;)

Punch two holes in the top of your rectangles

Tie a rafia bow at the top. You'll have to excuse the spots on my camera sensor :( 

String onto .... string. 

I would hang it under a mantel if I had one. Limited hanging space in an apartment :)

My back porch

Makeshift mantel


Cool owl lamp from a nice old man in our church. It seemed fallish to me.

My new fall stuff from my Secret Sister. She is SO sweet! I wish I knew who she was!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Later, skater!

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