Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boxes, Sharpies and Pizza!

Packing today. It's hard to feel like I'm making progress. The boxes are sure accumulating all over, but somehow I feel like the amount of stuff still to pack is staying the same. hmm. I don't mind so much though because it all means WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A HOUSE!!! and a pantry! and a yard! and zero loud obnoxious people living below us! Plus I had some delightful company to help me today, which after the tea... and chatting... and chatting left our productivity debatable ;) 

I've been on a scavenger hunt this evening for something long and skinny that hasn't been packed already. There's a space in this box. Just taunting me. (Sorry, tweeple. Rerun). Can't pack the feather duster yet - Gotta clean the blinds. Wrapping paper is too tall. Maybe some shoes will fit? I'll get it, don't worry. 

So in all this first house, first real move, first U-haul excitement I made sure to leave my camera unpacked. Smart. And made sure to pack up all the teeny-tiny-hard-to-find-in-a pile-of-boxes SD cards. Not smart. :( Phone will have to do. Hope I have some pictures up soon! Here's a random house for ya in the meantime... mean_time? Whatev :)

It looks a lot like this one.

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  1. Love it Kayla, if only this was the real deal :)

    1. Haha you mean the picture? I feel like I need to clarify that it is purely sarcastic. Someone asked me today if our house was really that big haha.

  2. It's a little small, don't you think? ...............!! :)

    1. haha yeah I specified below w/(jokes) because people were coming up to me telling me how huge our new house is lol. Sarcasm, peole ;)


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