Saturday, January 21, 2012

Second Mile around the world

Christian film production is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I feel that few things inspire, change, empower, motivate and influence people like film does. My husband and I own a Christian film production company and God has blessed tremendously thus far. It certainly isn't because of us. I think Christian film is near and dear to His heart as well and we are just thankful that He is allowing us to be a part of His plan for it. I am so thankful for God's goodness and for a husband who listens to God's leading.

 Andrew has done videos for churches and ministries across the country for the last couple of years and made a demo reel of some of his favorite shots. 

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  1. Loved it!!! He definately has a gift. I'm so glad he is using it to glorify God.

  2. Me too! I think he's really making an impact. I'm very proud of him. :)

  3. Your husband does a great job with his video. Thanks for sharing on the NOBH.

  4. Just watched the demo reel....again!
    I love it; it puts tears in my eyes every time:)



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