Monday, February 20, 2012

Braided Headband

I've been trying out some new hairs the past couple days to practice for the film festival this weekend! Saturday is when they announce the winner and it's somewhat formal from what I've heard. I have a dress. Still need to figure out jewelry and hair. This was my experiment for tonight:

Found this on Pintrest of course, but Sunny Jane inspired me to try it. Ok so this is how it's supposed to turn out:

pretty! :)

My attempt:

Not sure if I want hair down, up or halvsies but if I go all up I'll probably do something like this since I know I can do it now :) It was really pretty easy. 

I did it a little differently than her tutorial since my hair isn't quite so long.
My braids pretty much just met in the middle which I thought would look super goofy but actually didn't look too bad. 

I did a little bun in the back with the hair that was too short to look good in the braids. You should try! It's easy!

Here's the back:

Some things she doesn't mention that might be helpful:

Bobby pin the braids all the way down (underneath so you can't see)

Leave the shorter hairs that have been pulled back until the very end and then twist and bobby into a little bun

Also, I did my braids behind my ears instead of slightly in front of

Have fun! Share a link if you try it!

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  1. I love it! I didn't think of doing a bun with the short hairs in back. I just kinda... crammed them places with bobby pins.

  2. If I tried this I would no doubt end up looking like a Bible Missionary or Princess Leia. You, however, look stunning.

  3. That looks beautiful!! wish my hair was long enough for that!


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