Saturday, February 11, 2012

High Five For... Friday?

What a great week :) Really, any week that I'm alive, saved, happily married, have food in the pantry, and a roof over my head is a great week right? Not things that I necessarily deserve, but am blessed to have. So easy to take them for granted and forget that however basic they may be, they are really all I need.  But here are a few "bonus blessings" from this week ;)

This is my first week participating in {high five for friday} and I've already failed... cuz it's Saturday. But it's still the end of the week so ... here we go.

1) Getting to spend a few hours with my love between flights. A nice little hiatus from the traveling.

2) Finding the finger nail clippers!

3) Having a Saturday off for the first time in a while

4) Silly girl slumber party at my house!

5) Looong sister convos that feel like 10 minutes. I have the best sisters in the whole world.

Happy Friday ;)

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