Monday, February 6, 2012

New Home Adventures

I feel like I need to hurry and blog something while I have Internet access. We don't have Internet at the house yet so I'm getting my web fix while I do laundry at Ma's (we don't have a washer or dryer yet either ;)

So, I've had a couple new home adventures so far. The most exciting/not exciting at all one was yesterday afternoon. I went to put something in the garage which we can get to through the laundry room.

Went through the laundry room

into the garage

door shuts

put away flattened box (one more down, lots to go)

back to the laundry room door

turn handle. handle doesn't turn.

heart sinks

jiggle handle. jiggle handle. I bet if I try ooone more time it'll open ...


So you get the picture. locked in my garage. Andrew is out of town. All of a sudden I felt like I was on some survivor show looking at all the random items in the garage that I had to work with, one of which was my cell phone. Thank the Lord! Ok, I've got a cooler, a box of Christmas decor and some mason jars... I'm now thinking that Drew's Monkey Island video game isn't so stupid after all. If you know what I'm talking about you're a nerd but it's ok.

Finally got the garage door open but of course everything is locked because I'm home alone and watch too many episodes of "I survived". I checked all the windows. No luck. I was disappointed but also kinda proud of myself. No bad guys gettin' in here! I kept looking around hoping my new neighbors didn't think I was a really Innocent looking burglar.

  Luckily we just moved really close to some good friends of ours who are for some reason very proficient at breaking into houses with library cards... and now I am too. Watch out ;)

Lesson learned: Laundry door locks

The other adventure was just one of a moldy toilet. So gross! But it's all clean now :)

Lesson learned: Toilets can get moldy! Weird!

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  1. Ha Ha!! I did the same thing with our house when Paul was out of state. Horrible feeling! Neighbors used their credit card to get me back in and then I promptly had a spare key made and a deadbolt put on that door. :) Have fun with home ownership!!

    1. Haha thanks. Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Moldy toilets are the bomb! If you need any help cleaning, I get off at 4:30! (And we are practically neighbors. :)

    Have so much fun!

  3. Really? I've heard you guys are close. It's awesome to be close to so many people now! Too bad I go to work at like 4 every day haha. Thanks though!

  4. Yep we are at Franklin and Birch! And great timing to GO to work. haha. Well.. I tried. :)

  5. Great story! :) I never would have thought a library card could break into a house... Ahh the things you learn with a new house! Thanks for linking up to NOBH!


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