Monday, March 19, 2012

Blessings in Disguise

Most of you know that our house flooded while we were enjoying ourselves in Texas, blissfully unaware. I thought I'd give an update on the house since people keep asking. It's coming together slowly but surely and Andrew and I are getting fatter by the day from eating out so much haha. Can't wait to make dinner again! Never thought I'd say that.... ever! I'm hoping the kitchen will be functional by the time Drew gets home from London (lucky) so I can surprise him with a home made dinner!!! :) 


This is how it looked when I got home a couple days after Drew


Drying out the floors. These fans are as loud as they look.

Front Room

Plastic walls to keep the moisture out of the other rooms
Feels like living in a tent :) The red line is a zipper so we can get from room to room

Living room where everything is being stored for the time being. It's pretty organized...


We got to pick out new linoleum for the bathroom, tile for the kitchen floor, back splash and countertop color. It was lots of fun! Can't wait to see it all put together!

Bathroom Linoleum

The painter hard at work or hardly workin'

That's the new tile we picked out for the floor. It's a little darker than we had before. I think it'll look good with the lighter colored cabinets WHICH by the way are going to be antiqued/distressed. That was their idea and I was like hey sounds good to me! They're looking good so far! These guys must have a secret pintrest ;) 

The process isn't fun, but I am so excited to see how it all looks when it's done. 
Any of you have a house disaster story? 

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  1. Hi Kayla! Flooding is NO fun.
    A few months after Chris and I got married and moved in to our home, Chris found some mold on the bottom of some furniture he was moving. He continued to find mold on various pieces of furniture and pulled up the carpet where there was (can you guess?) Mold! he ripped out part of a wall, then three walls... and found more mold. needless to say every single part of that room got ripped out and redone. He remodeled the whole room, and now it's gorgeous. Best part? MOLD FREE!
    ~Kaylea Harrold

    1. O no :( yuck! Glad it all worked out :)

  2. It looks good so far. We had mice die In Our crawl space, and it smelled terrible. We ripped out one wall before we discovered where they really were. We had to rip out all the insulation under our room, and replace it. We moved out of our bedroom for three months. Glad that's over.

    1. Ew!!! I guess dead mice are better than multiplying mice ;)

  3. Oh Kayla! I had no idea your home was flooded. I am so sorry. You have a great since of style so I am looking forward to the finish touches!


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