Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reaching the OC

I am blessed to have the most amazing family! I love all of them. Andrew's side, my side, aunts, dads, grandmas, sisters. They're all incredible people that I look up to for different reasons - even my 11 year old sister! She's so cool. She reminds me that there's more to life than looking perfect and following all the latest trends. She enjoys life to the fullest and doesn't care if she looks like a weirdo doing it...

Valentine's gettup. She was most excited about the beard-like hairdo.

I love that when I think of family I think:








 annoying in-laws



I feel truly blessed and hope I never take for granted the people that God has placed in my life.

I mentioned that I look up to people in my family and one of those people is my sister-in-law, Rachel. Her husband is a great guy too, but obviously I work more on emulating feminine qualities ;)

Rachel, her husband and their 2 little girls are soon embarking on their journey to becoming church planters in Orange County, CA! What a field! I, for one, would be extremely intimidated and reluctant but they are welcoming the idea with excitement and enthusiasm. As I said before, these are amazing people and I cannot wait to see what God does with them there. They are both willing servants of God and with a willing heart God can do so much. I believe He will. 

Meet the Reeds:


Nick in a nutshell: Very energetic, really straight teeth. 
I guess he has some good leadership and pastoral qualities too ;) Nick is an awesome guy and will make a great pastor some day. Right now He is an assistant pastor at their church in Arkansas (Arkansas to Cali - talk about culture shock) and works with the teens and young adult's class. 


Rachel is my husband's sister and is just as talented. Garcias have a nack for being amazing. It's not really fair. She paints, she plays (meaning almost any instrument you can think of), she sings, she decorates, but the cool thing about her is she uses it all to glorify God. She's a very neat lady and is beautiful to boot!


Amy is my very first adorable little niece! She's super energetic like her pa and has incredible hair that is red and .... huge:


Elisabeth is the Reed's latest addition. I have yet to meet her :( But isn't she the prettiest baby?

Please pray for the Reeds as they continue to serve the Lord in this new, exciting chapter of life! Follow their progress on facebook:

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  1. Kayla:

    This is a beautiful family! (And yes, going from Arkansas to California will be a culture shock). I pray for God's grace and guidance as they go forth in serving Him.

  2. Oh my word, the beard! I cracked up at that!

    I will be praying for the Reed's!

  3. Lovely family..exciting journey ahead for you...God bless.

  4. Hi Kayla. :) Love your blog! now following you. :) Very sweet family. :) I have only just gotten back into blogging after a year. :)So pop by and say hi sometime. :)
    Melissa Searle

  5. Neat post. :-) A great family is such a blessing!

    Southern California is such a mission field, and I pray that the Reeds will have great success in it!


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