Saturday, September 22, 2012

Basket Case

Well, I started off my organization quest in the guest bathroom since it's probably the simplest, smallest room of the house which leads me to the second biggest space that needs organized - the laundry room. I am SO thankful that our house has a laundry room! I never had one growing up and it really is a blessing... one that I tend to take for granted and use as a "no body ever sees in there and I'm too lazy to take this to the garage" room.  That part of the chaos can be taken care of with a little more self discipline, but I've been needing some kind of system for my laundry baskets which was today's self-assigned assignment. 

Current Laundry Basket Situation:

I have laundry baskets of all shapes and sizes, each with socks in the bottom; dirty or clean I'm not really sure. There will be clean clothes in a basket one day and dirty the next and sometimes I forget and have to smell around  :/ 

So I decided to rid myself of the odd shaped baskets (sorry, guys) and just stick with my 3 uniform ones. I really only need 3 

1. Dirty
2. Clean
3. To iron

I got this little shelfy thing at Savers ($5.99) forever ago and it's just been sitting in my garage for months reminding me that had I not been so impulsive I could have a pretty nice sweater from Plato's Closet right now, or 6 cheeseburgers, or almost 2 gallons of gas.

But it turns out it makes a nice little basket case (Hardy Har) 

So, I warshed 'er all down

Painted 'er all up

And stamped on some labels


 New and improved laundry basket situation:

The top basket on the right is for dirty clothes. The top basket on the left is for lost socks.

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  1. I love what you did with the shelf thing! Such a cute DIY project! Much improved =)

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  3. LOVE the basket case! :) So cute! I can't decide what to do with my laundry room. It's way small, so I need to be extra creative :)

    1. Ps this is Mel. Apparently Google doesn't know me tonight.

  4. Super jealous of all you laundry room people!!! My laundry room is in my kitchen. Yes... sometimes we have dirty underwear wedged under the stove. hahaha. Super sanitary.
    Anyway, I love that basket holder it turned out cute!!

    1. Haha niiice. That's a super funny image "get outta here panties! I'm makin' dinner!"

  5. That is just the cutest idea ever. I love it. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute at

  6. Oh SWEET!! Love this idea!!!! I need one for my laundry room too!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  7. Yes, I have a laundry room too!! BUT...for the first two years I had NONE (laundry mat), then for the next 5 years it was in my kitchen :-), then for 20+ years it was in the basement schoolroom (there's nothing like teaching math and REMEMBERING to switch loads, lol, and for the last 5 years it is tucked in the basement and I have a real laundry room :-) It is a real blessing because it is where no one needs to go. You have given me a great idea. I saw an idea just like this that was stacked SIX high for a larger family. Hey, tuck that in your mind for someday, Kayla ;-)

    Thanks for linking up a WholeHearted Home this week and hope to see you again this coming week. Have a blessed day!!


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