Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crochet Craze

Sometimes I pretend that I'm 90 and bust out my crochet hooks, a cup of tea and let the music move me ;) This month has been one of those times. I find crochet somewhat therapeutic and addicting once I get going ... to the point where the end of my yarn ball sends me into a panic and I frantically bike to Walmart to satisfy my wool craving. So weird, I know. My first project of the month was for a very good, very prego friend of mine who is having her first baby girl! She is due at the end of the month and baby Ellie will now be stylin' in her new baby ballet slippers :) 

   I think it's this Fall weather comin' on. I love the fall weather for a few reasons:

1) I can drink hot tea

2) My wardrobe consists of 90% fall clothes  (it's my weakness)

3) Good running weather

4) Candles

5) Scarves

6) Leaves

7) About 100 more reasons

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  1. How adorable!!! I also like your pillow and what I believe to be a tuft in that first picture :)

  2. Like your new blog name, by the way!

    1. O thanks! I was never in love with the old one and was tired of my graphics :) PS there is a blank spot on my wall waiting for a Pottery Barn mirror tutorial ;)

  3. Yay for fall! Two more days...


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