Saturday, September 1, 2012

Early/Late Spring Cleaning

Blog friends! Hope you are enjoying your 4 day weekend, the lovely fall's-coming weather and the college football kick off! I am.

I guess I'll just cut to the chase. I am organizing my house. The whole thing. I have found lately that no matter how spotless I get my house to look on the outside the little tiny angel on my shoulder is constantly reminding me of the chaos that lies behind the closet doors, on the shelves of my pantry, around my secret non-visible clutter corner and she's especially not pleased with my .... dun dun dun - GARAGE. My little angel has a name - Monica Geller - and has inspired me to run a more efficient, productive home. Here goes!

I'm starting off with something simple - The guest bathroom. No makeup or hair things. No toothbrushes, bobby pins or blow dryers. So yeah, this one is pretty much just to get my confidence up for the rest of the house... or (more likely) it's procrastination. 

Guest bath pre-organization:

After throwing out or relocating about half of the mess, I still had some things that needed to live under the sink yet wanted a cuter home.

Just a lot of odds n' ends that need contained... in fun containers! One thing that I've taken note of after surfing blog land for about a year now is that containers make a huge difference in how cluttery or unified an area looks. For example:

All of the items found in these Crate & Barrel glass canisters came in commercialized, plasticy packaging. Could have been Great Value packaging for all we know. Containers make all the difference. 

The Thrifty Decor Chick uses containers to unify her cereal:

Anna @ Take the Side Street uses baskets to contain her son's cluttery toys:

So, I went container shopping! Found this wire basket at Ross:

and this cool... trash can? maybe? at Savers:

Easy Peasy!

I have decided to blog my organization goals and projects as a means of motivation. Please let me know if you have good organization ideas! How do you organize under your bathroom sinks?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I feel the same way about clutter behind closed doors. I would rather organize bathroom drawers, kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets before cooking :)I would like to use those wire stacking shelves made for plates in the kitchen and put towels on top with rags underneath in the towel cabinet. Just a thought.

  2. Love the baskets, especially the wire one. :-) I also store things in various baskets, etc. under the sinks in our house. ;-)


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