Friday, January 11, 2013

Short Thought

It's been a while! And I'm sure you've all just been waiting at the edge of your seat for a Kayla post and it's finally here! 


I wasn't planning on posting on here til after baby came, but things keep coming up that I want to share and since my sharing outlet (FB) has been temporarily (or pertinently, I haven't decided yet) terminated I'll share on here. I far prefer it anyway :)

I just had a short thought the other day that's been impressed on my mind lately. I was listening to Pandora, as I do almost 24/7, and a song came on that I've heard 100 times before, but one particular line just really stood out to me this time. 

The song is called  "Here I am to Worship" by Chris Tomlin. It isn't my favorite necessarily, but has some really good lyrics and the particular line that jumped out at me was 

"Humbly you came to the earth you created"

Like I said, I've heard it lots of times, but this time it just really caught my attention and was blowing my mind. Like, just ponder that thought for a minute...

WOW! That is like the ultimate display of humility. Not only did He grace us with His presence on earth, but after living here among us was crucified by those who He Himself created and hung on a tree of which he painted every leaf, all the while, setting aside His power as Lord and Creator by allowing these men to ridicule and kill Him. 

Anyway, I just had never really thought about it quite that way before and makes me love Him even more. Our God is good!

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