Wednesday, January 16, 2013

V-Day Nails

Well, it's almost Valentines day... kind of. I mean close enough so say that, but not close enough for my Valentine nails to stay in tact until then. 

O well. 

So, this really isn't rocket science, but the husband is out of town and I have to find ways of occupying myself. Hence, V-day nail tutorial. 

Before we do anything  - USE THE POTTY. Nothing worse than perfect pretty nails ruined by an ill-timed potty break.

So I started with a base color by Essie: Russian Roulette (My fave red)
2 coats and a clear top layer 

For the heart I used Pale Cashmere by Revlon

Now, I tried this with a Q-tip first and found that a match worked much better. A toothpick wouldn't really work for this technique. Just dip the match in your heart color. Don't get too much or it will be too thick of a dot and run.

Make three dots on your nail for both humps and the bottom

This was my first attempt and I think my dots were too far apart. I ended up doing it on my thumb.

 Make all three dots petty close together and then use the excess nail polish from your dots to connect them! You may need a little extra to fill it all in.

Now just avoid all dish washing until Feb. 14th and don't forget to check out your cute little heart nail whenever you're holding a cup o' joe (that's when it's the cutest).

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah! Post a pic on your blog if you do! :) I love your V-day mantle!

  2. So cute!! I'd say they look cutest when holding a coffee cup, and most glamorous when holding a wine glass. :) Cheers to no more dishes until Valentines day!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Haha yeah, that lasted a couple hours ;) Thanks, Kelly.

  3. Very cute! With what my hands go through, mine would be ruined on the first day! But I think my girls will try them. They love all things artsy. =) ~Jaime

    1. Haha yeah, mine are definitely demolished by now. They were fun while they lasted :)


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